Wisdom and Spirit - Original hand made clothing - Ethically resourced for pure comfort!


Here at Wisdom And Spirit we aim to not just be a clothing range, but a community. Our vision is to inspire ourselves as individuals and to create a collective of creative’s. All striving to share our journey trying to make the world a more positive place to live. Grab the bull by its horns and in doing so, use our position as a company to help others.

We want Wisdom & Spirit to be thought of, spread and shared. Raising the levels of positivity worldwide, motivating people to want to include random acts of kindness into their life. To unify and appreciate our fellow brothers and sisters of the world. Awakening them to the fact that wealth and stature in this materialistic world isn’t important for life to be lived to its fullest. This is our quest to search for inner peace both as individuals and as a family.
So come join us to ‘Share A Little Wisdom And Spread A Lot Spirit’